Booth backing: utilities and power supply for your trade fair or event

Do you need utilities and a temporary power supply for your trade fair, congress or event? De Roeve XPO makes all the necessary arrangements for electric points, lighting structures, water supplies and suspension points to ensure your event goes perfectly smoothly.


We provide
utilities for booths,
seminars and events

Customised electrical solutions for your company event

Booth backing is an umbrella term for providing the utilities and power supply that you need when organising trade fairs, conferences and events. Water, electricity, heating, toilets… all these basic elements are essential for your company event, regardless of how large or small it is. At De Roeve XPO, we have a wide range of equipment that we can install for your project and dismantle afterwards.

What we can offer you

  • install electric points at your booth, either beneath a raised floor or fully integrated
  • install and connect power cables
  • install control cabinets
  • create machine connections with appropriate safety measures
  • wide range of switchboards with accompanying cabling
  • install electrical generators
  • advice on and design of your lighting plan based on your product
  • choose between different lighting types to create the perfect atmosphere
  • professional service and installation
  • wide range of recessed spotlights, mounted luminaires and lighting on rails, all with LED lighting
  • arrange water supply and waste water disposal
  • install flight case sinks
  • install suspension points for trusses and banner

Comprehensive solution package for your trade fair, congress or event

De Roeve XPO doesn’t just ease your load by taking charge of the temporary utilities and power supply for your trade fairs or company events – we have all kinds of other services that can help your event run smoothly. These include logistical support, custom booth building, trussing, decoration, commercialisation and, of course, our convenient online information and ordering platform. Let our event backing services handle the complete technical and practical management from A to Z, and rest assured your trade fair, congress or event will run without a hitch.

Benefits of booth backing

You can focus fully on your event, while we take care of the technical side for you.

All technical aspects of the power supply for your trade fair or congress will be handled through a single point of contact.

Our approach

What power supply setup do you need for your trade fair or event? We make a note of all your technical needs and requirements.

Our specialists compile a proposal for the temporary power and water supply for the event, rigging and booth lighting.

We carefully prepare the technology and our engineers draw up a clear plan.

We keep a close eye on the realization and adjust the plan where necessary.

We set great store on our flexibility, which allows us to quickly and efficiently meet any additional requirements, or come up with solutions when unexpected circumstances arise.

Do you need utilities and a power supply for your event?

Tap into our expertise for your energy supplies, lighting, water supply and mounting points.