Live, hybrid, online event platform

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Create added value for your exhibitor by making your fair or conference accessible online. Our solution allows you to give exhibitions and congresses an online dimension. Visitors can prepare for their participation and appointments can be arranged before the event occurs. During the opening of the event, visitors can speak to exhibitors, follow seminars and do some networking. The matchmaking function is based on artificial intelligence and has an unprecedented power to support networking and to guide your participants to products, services, seminars and news relevant to the user. Visitors are supported via the mobile app when they participate physically. After the event, visitors can still return to the online version of the event to look up information, make new contacts and view seminars.


The insight into the participants, the matchmaking function and the approachable way of making contacts is a not to be underestimated advantage of the online dimension of your event.


Each exhibitor has an online room that allows him to convey his message to the general public through descriptions, videos, catalogs and other documentation. The exhibitor’s team is available to visitors in the online room. Agreements for consultation can be made via live or video chat. Information can be easily shared digitally via the online meeting function.

Exhibitors can set up interactive product catalogs. This gives the exhibitors a view of the interaction that has taken place at their stand and they know who is interested in what. As soon as a visitor shows an interest in a product of service, the exhibitor is informed by means of notification.

Seminars can be scheduled at will and made accessible through the platform. Multiple speakers can participate and there can be moderated via the online seminar function. The seminars can be configured both live and pre-recorded with live polls and subsequent Q&A.

You, as an organizer, can organize several discussion forums where visitors can register and be moderated by someone from the organization or the exhibitors.

Participants, both visitors and exhibitors, can arrange meetings and speak online via live of video chat. Online meetings can take place in several ways: one-to-one, consultation between several people or via webinars.

The platform has a mobile application that supports participants in the psychical event in making contacts, arranging appointments and finding information about products, services, seminars, etc.

Visitors and exhibitors can manage their personal agenda via the platform and arrange appointments and participation in seminars based on the available time slots.

Each participant can contact other participants via the platform and arrange and schedule appointments. The system supports arranging appointments based on the agendas of each participant. The platform had a matchmaking function based on artificial intelligence and thus provides tailor-made recommendations about interesting contacts, products and services, seminars, online sessions and news items.

The platform supports the online registration of visitors, possible payments and the generation of badges. The visitors must fill in their profile which supports the networking. The platform automatically sends reminders to the visitors in response to participation in the activities for which they have registered.

The online platform facilitates capturing contact details between visitors and exhibitors.

Exhibitors can be displayed via a floor plan or an alphabetically arranged list. Finding exhibitors is supported by a well-developed search function.

All actions such as visitors, contacts, downloads, etc. are registered via the platform. This information can be made available to your exhibitors by the organizer.

In addition to the traditional way of sponsoring, the online platform offers new opportunities to generate income.

The information and guidelines that you want to give to the exhibitors can be arranged via the exhibitor manual function that is available in the online platform.



The online dimension of your event offers:

  • More qualitative participation of both visitors and exhibitors.
  • Greater accessibility: your event is accessible to a wider audience.
  • Low barrier to networking and intelligent networking support.
  • New ways to generate income that are not possible with purely physical events.
  • Visitors can still look up information and make contacts even after the physical event.
  • This online platform allows you to provide a lot of content over a longer period of time. The content can be made available by means of blogs, videos, product catalogs, podcasts, photos, … etc.

Profile yourself as the next level exhibition organizer

i-XPO offers you the opportunity to transcend your current position as an organizer and play a central role, bringing supply and demand together in your market segment on a permanent basis!

Our approach

Together we discuss the content of your fair or seminar and we determine the structure of the platform.

This is thoroughly tested before opening the platform.

Kick off sessions and training for your exhibitors are provided through physical and online meetings, webinars and instructional videos.

We ensure that your exhibitors are followed up and supported in setting up their online room and using the platform.

During the days when the event takes place, we are permanently available for information and support.