De Roeve XPO: 40+ years of customised next-level event support

Do you need customised event support for your trade fair, congress or company event? De Roeve XPO is a Belgian company with over 40 years of experience at trade fairs. We are a team of experts who will help you organise every detail of your event and come up with innovative solutions to take the load off your hands.

Customised event support from A to Z

Innovation is one of our core values here at De Roeve XPO. Our goal is to offer technical event support that matches the market trends and the needs of our customers to the best possible effect. We began by simply installing electricity and lighting at trade fairs and expos, but over the years we have invested in developing complementary competences and services.

Nowadays, we can offer customised innovative comprehensive solution packages for trade fairs, conferences and company events. Our services range from practical electricity and utility supply systems and robust truss structures to creative customised booths and useful event tools.


Where to find De Roeve XPO?

De Roeve XPO…

  • works at all possible permanent and pop-up locations in Belgium and abroad
  • has warehouse and office facilities in various complexes: Brussels Expo, Flanders Expo and Namur Expo
  • is a preferred partner for Antwerp Convention, Brabanthal Leuven, Docks Dome Event Hall, Limburghal Genk, Waagnatie, San Marco Village, The EGG Brussels, Tour&Taxis

Meet De Roeve XPO

‘FULFILMENT’ is one of our key terms: we want to ensure that both our employees and our customers meet their full potential.

De Roeve XPO aims to become an oasis of inspiring employees who strengthen the economic continuity of their customers. We seek to create a work environment where our workforce can flourish, work autonomously, inspire one another and maximise opportunities. We can then work together to offer high-quality, innovative, effective solutions to our customers.

Our technical expertise and eye for innovation yield a steady flow of novel, forward-looking comprehensive solution packages. We always aim for a sustainable long-term relationship with our customers, however large or small the project. We are flexible, open and honest in all our work and services.

‘ACT’ sums up the De Roeve XPO mindset in a single word. We love what we do and give 100% towards our goals, every single day.

Why do customers choose De Roeve XPO?

At De Roeve XPO, we pull out all the stops to go beyond the expectations of our customers – and we achieve this! We can attribute our success to:

  • our pragmatic, innovative approach
  • a trustworthy reputation and first class service
  • our high-quality comprehensive solution packages from A to Z
  • an approachable attitude and total commitment
  • our financially stable group with experienced employees

De Roeve – a powerful centre of expertise

De Roeve XPO is one of several companies in the De Roeve Group. De Roeve’s strength lies in leveraging the synergies between its different specialisms. We work together to offer an integrated package and create a result that is greater than the sum of its parts. We have four different market directions:

Together, we can create an unforgettable company event

De Roeve XPO provides customised technical event support to facilitate every detail of your trade fair, congress or event.